i am what i am: (daughter, granddaughter, cousin, niece, sister, wife, mommy of two girls, aunt and friend) i do what i do: (webwriting, journalism and webdesign), and i can't hide. thank you for stoppin' by! ;)


I love this movie!

Suddenly friends

Last week picture with an always message.

The last call. #WillGardner #TheGoodWife


Rustic Cocoa Cake | Rustic Kitchen

(via mayaia)

Neste calor um refresco cítrico: 1 lima + 1 laranja + 1 limão + gengibre + folhas de hortelã. Beber 30 minutos antes do almoço. #whitagram #vsco #vscocam

Take off my limits, I’ll hear Yuna Lullabies. *—*

Paraphrasing #VictorHugo #quotes #quote #Jesusquotes #postit #Jesus #flower #handwriting

"Só a glória de Deus pode ocultar uma coisa e é honra dos reis descobri-la". Pv.25:2 Do filme Conquista de Reis, história da rainha Esther. #bestmovies #biblicalmovies


New song I wrote



Nothing like a good cup of tea and a book.

"There is always another way"

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